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About Us:

We’re diverse graduate students at the University of Oklahoma striving to make our science and higher education accessible

The founders of this organization are members of the Biology department at the University of Oklahoma, however, SIC! membership includes graduate students from Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Microbiology, Data Science, and Engineering. We hope to always be welcoming new members!

Our Response to the Shooting of Jacob Blake, 3 Sept 2020

The STEM Inclusion Council (SIC!) at OU supports the protests for Jacob Blake and condemns the actions of the Kenosha Police department. Jacob Blake is now added to the never-ending list of black men and women who have been shot by police officers in the United States. While Mr. Blake is alive, he is paralyzed, and his family is traumatized. The use of deadly force in front of Blake’s young family, was outrageous, unnecessary, inhumane, and demonstrates that the police do not protect and serve black people in America. This tragic event is further compounded by the fact they were able to peacefully arrest a white supremacist moments after he opened fire on protestors. 

awareness, and educate yourselves on the history of black persecution in America. However, we cannot stop there. It is necessary to take more extensive action to dismantle systemic racism here at OU and in Oklahoma. This process should involve the entire university, undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff. We need to have transparency across all levels of the university.

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion has created a new mandatory diversity training for students, faculty, and staff. This is a step in the right direction. We need to create a safe environment for black and underrepresented students and faculty so they can succeed and flourish at OU. are hurt because of the injustice happening in the world right now.

Please talk to a friend about your emotions or contact the Goddard Counseling center (405) 325-2911 and know that SIC! officers are always ready to hear your concerns; please contact us via these email addresses:

Stay safe and healthy but don’t be silent.


Our Response to Recent events 30 May 2020

The death of George Floyd has broken our hearts. The harassment of Christian Cooper while he was out bird watching has shown us the dept of discrimination against the black community. It is outraging that the rights of African Americans are disregarded and now more than ever it is our duty to stand them and spread awareness of this injustice. 

Due to the COVID-19 and social distancing, it is not possible to do in person gatherings as a response. However, there are still things that all of us can do to help:

  • Donate if have the means to.
  • Use your social media platform to spread awareness.
  • Call your state representatives
  • Start conversations with your family, friends and loved ones.
  • Educate yourself. Read books and articles about the history of discrimination against the black community. 
  • Participate in events that spread awareness. For example, the Black Birders Week.

Our goals as SIC!

Upcoming events for Graduate Students

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